22 May 2020 Share Auction is CANCELLED

All share auctions take place at Borderway Mart, Carlisle and commence at 1.00pm

Share News

Coronavirus Update:
Following consideration of the latest government guidelines in respect of the Covid-19 outbreak, we have postponed the auction of H&H Group shares for the foreseeable future; however, we will keep you informed with any updates here.


The H&H Group currently has 1,078,453 shares in issue held by around 1150 shareholders.  As you may be aware, shares in H&H Group are traded throughout the year on behalf of shareholders by public auction.

In order to make it easier for both shareholders and customers we hold regular auctions of shares on a quarterly basis. Confirmation of the numbers of shares to be sold will be announced on our website two weeks in advance of each auction.  If you are interested in either buying or selling shares please contact Margaret Irving on 01228 406334 or email her direct.

Whilst it be the intention that H&H Group would not undertake private sales on behalf of shareholders in between auctions, this does not prevent private sales taking place. Transfers of shares would still need to be registered with the company secretary and stamp duty paid accordingly.

For more information about H&H Group please click here.

Future Share Auctions:

22nd May 2020 – Postponed until further notice

21st August 2020

6th November 2020

All share auctions take place at Borderway Mart, Carlisle and commence at 1.00pm

Share and Dividend Information

Recent Share Auction Data

Date Number Sold Average Price
08/11/2019 3858 £23.21
23/08/2019 2850 £23.17
24/05/2019 5509 £24.96
20/03/2019 4790 £26.75
09/11/2018 4568 £28.39
24/08/2018 2800 £27.28
25/05/2018 3000 £27.88
28/03/2018 4520 £29.57
10/11/2017 5250 £30.00
18/08/2017 1800 £29.81
26/05/2017 3200 £28.55
17/03/2017 4000 £28.28
11/11/2016 5500 £27.19
19/08/2016 6300 £26.86
27/05/2016 7500 £27.25
26/02/2016 5400 £27.62
06/11/2015 5700 £30.66
28/08/2015 6000 £24.89
22/05/2015 5000 £25.76
27/02/2015 4000 £24.92

Dividend Information

Date Type    Amount (pence)
April 2020 Interim 5
May 2019 Interim 5
Dec 2018 Final 27
April 2018 Interim 8
Dec 2017 Final 27
April 2017 Interim 8
Dec 2016 Final 27
April 2016 Interim 8
Dec 2015 Final 27
April 2015 Interim 8
Dec 2014 Final 27
April 2014 Interim 8

Potential purchasers of shares in the quarterly auction should be aware that investments in shares are for the long term. The value of your investment and the income derived from it can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you originally invested.
If you are in any doubt about purchasing shares in the auction, you should consult a bank manager, stockbroker, solicitor, accountant or other independent financial advisor authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.
This financial promotion has been approved by SPARK Advisory Partners Limited (“SAPL”) under s21 of the Financial Services and Markets Act. SAPL is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. SAPL makes no recommendation as to the suitability of shares in H&H Group plc as an investment.