H&H Group News

A bit more breathing space…

3rd June 2020

This week’s diary entry from homeworker, Richard Rankin: “Another bank holiday has safely passed, and we are thankfully seeing a more sustained R-rate, with the Coronavirus speed of infection rate staying stable for over two weeks now.

Healthy mind…healthy nation…

28th May 2020

This week’s diary from homeworker and Chief Executive – Richard Rankin – in which he shares his thoughts on mental health concerns as well as how the diverse range of H&H companies are adapting their businesses

You’re still farming, we’re still selling…

22nd May 2020

Into week eight (!) here Richard Rankin shares his weekly diary whilst continuing to work from home … 

If you can’t stay home, stay alert…!

14th May 2020

Richard Rankin continues to write his weekly diary, already on his seventh account which he shares with us…  On Sunday night, a collective nation, totalling millions of UK citizens, sat down to listen to the Prime Minister’s Covid-19 address.

Sale of H&H Group Ordinary Shares

13th May 2020

We have a number of H&H Group shares to offer for sale on behalf of specific vendors.  The shares carry fixed prices and will only be available for sale until 31st May 2020. 

Positive news amidst the bleakness…

7th May 2020

The sixth weekly diary of homeworker, Richard Rankin Chief Executive of H&H Group as we approach another Bank Holiday

Light at the end of the tunnel…?

1st May 2020

A continuation of the weekly diary of Homeworker, Richard Rankin Chief Executive of H&H Group 

We are doing well…but we can’t stop yet…

23rd April 2020

Another lock down.  It didn’t come as any great surprise to most of us, but the reality of starting another three-week ‘stint’ still hits us hard and will test all our mental strength.

Annual Dairy Pedigree Sale is Online Success!

20th April 2020

Despite the nation being in lock down, and tight regulations being in place to trade, Harrison & Hetherington has held the UK’s very first dedicated virtual pedigree livestock sale, and as the bids closed for The 2020 Border and Lakeland Club annual spring sale of pedigree Holstein and British Friesian Bulls at 5pm Tuesday April 14th, it was deemed a very successful first online auction.

Is Cabin Fever Setting In?

16th April 2020

Homeworker Richard Rankin, Chief Executive writes his diary during the third week of lockdown I am sure everyone is experiencing the side effects, and those not self-isolating must be feeling the strangeness of a much calmer world that was once in such a rush.   However quiet it may feel, we must remember that behind the scenes there are people fighting for their lives and even more importantly appreciate the amazing […]