H&H Staff Are Risk Aware

14th May 2021

H&H staff are successful in completing National Compliance and Risk Qualifications, part of their continued professional development across all levels of the business. 

As a company employing over 300 members of staff and operating across several businesses in different locations, for H&H Group Plc, the health and safety of its staff, customers and visitors is of the upmost importance. This week, the Group is delighted to announce that 17 members of its team from across its seven individual businesses have completed a National Compliance and Risk Qualifications (NCRQ) course and are now fully risk aware. This formal qualification is not tailored to a specific job role but rather aims to upskill individuals in health and safety and encourages individuals to think on their feet.

The case study-based e-learning, studying real life incidents, allowing students to understand the application and consequences of health and safety management, not just the theory. The various stages of the course offer insight into a diverse range of businesses and covers the processes to be followed. The course provides transferable skills which can be applied both within the H&H workplace and in wider situations.

With nine Harrison & Hetherington Auction Marts, H&H Group also operate a diverse range of companies encompassing Livestock, Machinery and Vehicle Auctioneers, Estate Agents, Auction Rooms, Commercial Printers, Chartered Surveyors, and Insurance Brokers. There are of course regular health and safety issues to consider across all areas of the business, on a daily basis.

Upon hearing of the recent successes, Tommy Thompson, H&H’s Training & Development Coordinator said: “It’s great to have a team so willing to learn and improve their knowledge and skillset. Understandably, I am delighted that there has been so much interest and the feedback so far has been very encouraging.

“Whichever business you work in within the H&H Group, it’s impossible to eliminate all risks. Though being able to carry out dynamic risk assessments and think on your feet will certainly help our team to protecting their own safety and that of those around them.”

The course was offered on a voluntary basis and delegates who have successfully completed it are now qualified to write comprehensive risk assessments using the hierarchy of control. This newly learned knowledge means that those who have already taken part and completed their NCRQ can provide other members of staff with support and advice. Most recently, H&H Group Chief Executive Richard Rankin has just enrolled, alongside others.

Gareth Rylands, Print and Production Manager at H&H Reeds, who completed the course was very enthusiastic about the experience: “It’s fantastic to work for a company where learning is encouraged and I’m grateful for the opportunity H&H have provided. Health and safety is a vital part of any workplace so having a greater understanding of it is hugely beneficial. It has given me much more confidence and already I am using the knowledge learned in my day-to-day practices, both within and outside the working environment.”

The H&H Group is dedicated to assuring their customers the best in local service and knowledge and as such are invested in supporting staff through a wide range of training programs. People have always been placed at the heart of the business, and The Group, which operates as a holding company, is always looking for new ways to expand the expertise staff so they can grow within their roles.