H&H Group Launches Podcast

28th July 2020

Cutting across various business sectors, H&H launches a Podcast to offer regional updates and insights from their enterprises across the North 

H&H Group is excited to announce the launch today of its newest project, a fortnightly podcast available to stream across several digital services. Debuting as a destination for interesting and relaxed discussion, the H&H Group Podcast will focus on bringing listeners the key business insights from their livestock, property and land, insurance and print operations. Just launched, expect episodes to include the latest news on the livestock markets and as well as emerging trends within the sectors in which they operate.   People can listen to the H&H Group Podcast on a number of platforms including Spotify and Apple.

The aim of these podcasts is to educate, inform, and make space for light discussion on things that matter most to H&H customers. This will include talking to specialists in the field about subjects such as carbon balancing, agricultural legislation, succession planning, and future diversification opportunities for farms.

Different guests will speak on the show, with an invited host from across the H&H teams guiding each episode. The Harrison & Hetherington team, who operate the largest livestock trading company in the United Kingdom, will be talking sales, prices and pedigrees, the highs, the lows, and anticipated trends of future livestock trading. Other branches of the H&H family will cover analysis of regional markets, how to understand existing laws and changing regulations, as well as advice on how best to put your property to market.

Richard Rankin, CEO of H&H Group, comments on the newest venture under the H&H umbrella:
“We want this podcast to be somewhere people will come to get the sharpest insights on all things rural, as well as to catch up with our colleagues in the field. We are excited to begin this podcast journey and are keen to have this more direct engagement with listeners across the region. We’ve been working hard to find the right format, and have planned some really interesting episodes, so we will be looking forward to hearing feedback and learning along the way.”

The show will feature key issues affecting rural and agricultural businesses, as well as fresh takes on any future announcements and ongoing debates.

Nina Oxley, Group Marketing Manager, gives an insight into the types of topics they will be covering: “At H&H we really wanted to expand our offering to include content that would reflect the diversity of the group and fill this gap in the podcast space. Whether its walking through Environmental Land Management schemes or exploring the new world of virtual auctions, we were keen to bring a range of topics to the table that would allow us to cover all bases.

In terms of expertise, listeners will be hearing from the finest professionals in the business. For example, the first episode features an interview with Richard Rankin CEO, covering the new business context in the wake of Covid-19. It revealed some really interesting ways the company coped during the crisis, and how it will change to be fit for the future.”

H&H Group have invited new listeners to tune into the podcast from the 28 July 2020, and will be publishing any updates and news across social media. The H&H Group is proud of its heritage serving the rural community for over 140 years and looks to continue that legacy with its debut H&H Podcast. With operations across auctioneering, commercial print, insurance, and property sectors, they work with rural businesses to deliver the highest quality services. This podcast project is a welcome addition to its portfolio, supporting the local farming community to be fit for the future.