You've joined H&H so a new chapter has begun

...but you'll never stop learning

Training and Development

Throughout the H&H Group of companies, we encourage our staff to learn and develop.

New employees receive a comprehensive induction which includes learning about the history and heritage of the Group, meeting key people in each of the operating companies, understanding the culture of the business and being given sufficient information so that you can confidently start your working life with H&H.

Some of our companies such as H&H Land & Estates and H&H Insurance Brokers have roles which require professional qualification and CPD. For employees who are required to achieve these levels of qualification we provide in-house mentoring, study time and support.

We comply with all our statutory training requirements in respect of Health & Safety, First Aid and equipment use.

In addition to the above requirements we are keen to provide opportunities for training and development in skills which are not necessarily essential to the business but which can add to the skill base of all of our employees.

Recent examples have included:

H&H Development Group
This is a bespoke training programme which is aimed at developing skills for future use and to provide a common training base across the group; candidates are selected from all parts of the group – for synergies and cross selling across the group companies.

The programme helps to identify and develop future managers and leaders within the business and produces measurable business benefits

General feedback from previous events included:

  • getting to know people from other parts of the group was excellent
  • understanding how the different elements of a team work has really helped
  • trying to put the learning in to practice when back in the workplace is challenging
  • understanding the importance of other parts of the group was worthwhile
  • getting to know what part I play in my own team at work helps to understand others

Customer Excellence Workshop
The broad aim of these one day workshops is to ensure all delegates understand the importance of every single interaction with customers when representing H&H Group.  The training provides frontline staff with the skills to deal with customers professionally, confidently and with warmth.

At the end of the workshop, delegates understand the needs of their customers and how to meet their expectations and know how to project a professional image when dealing with customers/visitors.

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